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April 2015


Leg Day!

Tomorrow morning is leg day at the gym! This is always a special day for me at the gym because of the focus, determination, and mindset required to “win” – especially when compared to chest or back day (which are much easier by comparison). Any compound…

April 23, 2015

Caffeine and Calories

Here we have, from left to right, my pre-workout, post-workout, and post-post-workout nutrition, prepped and ready to go for my morning workout. I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person – but I have acquired a taste for the morning hours. That initial push to…

April 21, 2015

My New Wheels: The Kona Paddy Wagon, 2015

I picked this beauty up Apr. 15th, and, well, I think I’m pretty much in love with it. Each new day I ride feels more comfortable and efficient than the day before. It almost feels too easy. Biking for me is more about the functional aspect…

April 20, 2015