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May 2015


Meal Boredom: What Is It and How Do I Fix It?

May 30, 2015
Meal Boredom

When mealtime rolls around, are you ever just like, I have zero inspiration right now and no idea what to eat…?  This happens to me sometimes and it’s what I call “meal boredom.” Meal boredom is that feeling of creative exhaustion that washes over me where I’m hungry, I want to eat something delicious, but I have no idea what. Continue Reading


Emotional Overload and the Messy Pile-Up

May 28, 2015
Emotional Overload

Oh, emotional overload. Feelings piled upon feelings piled upon feelings, until ka-boom!

Have you ever felt upset about something and you’re not sure why? So you feel a bit embarrassed for being upset at something so silly. And then on top of that you’re also confused about what you’re feeling, which makes you feel annoyed and even a bit angry. And then after a while you start feeling pretty overwhelmed and you’re not even sure where it all started, and your head starts spinning….

…because you’re caught in a messy pile-up of emotional overload. Continue Reading


Sleep Tips for Humans

May 16, 2015
Sleep Tips

Sleep doesn’t always come easy, but that doesn’t mean the sleep tips we use to get a good night’s rest need to be difficult.

I’ve always been a pretty good sleeper – but as I continue to age (as we do!) I’ve noticed that sleep doesn’t always come as easily as it used to. Perhaps my hard drive is more full of spam, so logging off takes a bit longer; or perhaps this is one of those things that becomes physiologically more difficult as time goes on (hormones?). Continue Reading


Bike Safety, Cars, and Caged Jungle Cats

May 13, 2015
Bike Safety

One of my approaches to bike safety is pretending that cars behave with the same unpredictability of caged jungle cats.

I remember a story in the news from when I was a kid. There was a family who lived in a neighbouring town who had a lot of pets, one of them being a panther, which they kept in a large cage. The panther was domesticated; the family used to go in the cage and feed her, play with her, hang out with her. By all accounts, the panther seemed to get along with the family, and they trusted her.

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Diet Books: Are They Worth the Read?

May 5, 2015
Diet Books

What to eat? This is a big, fat question, one that many of us feel consumed by – and oftentimes we turn to diet books to provide us with an answer.

I’ve read a lot about food over the past few years. I’ve made my way through some of the so-called revolutionary diet books, like Grain Brain, Why We Get Fat, The Big Fat Surprise, and The Warrior Diet. I’ve followed popular bloggers, like The Fat Burning Man and James ClearI’ve scoured the internet for new and interesting theories about nutrition.

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