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June 2015


Hangover How-To

Before I get into this, let me be frank: There is no magic bullet cure for a hangover. You’re just going to have to ride it out. That being said, there’s lots you can do to prevent and alleviate the icky symptoms of a…

June 24, 2015
Exclamation Point

The Exclamation Point Is Back and Bubbly As Ever!!!

In many ways, the exclamation point is considered to be the cop out king of punctuations. The idea goes that strong, thoughtful writing shouldn’t require an exclamation because the exclamation should be contained within the words. You might compare using the exclamation point to…

June 17, 2015
Best Coffee

The Best Coffee You Can Brew at Home

I may have created the best coffee you can brew at home. One of my favourite moments throughout the week is my Saturday mornings. I generally wake up early because my body clock says so – and I’m okay with that because it’s such…

June 6, 2015