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October 2015


To Eat Bacon, or Not to Eat Bacon?

October 27, 2015

The exquisitely salty, chewy, crunchy, flavour explosion that is bacon has made this week’s announcement by the WHO one that came as a disappointment to the salty meat lovers of the world.

I wasn’t terribly surprised by the news. I’ve long heard that the sodium nitrites and nitrates used in processed meats like bacon, which help to preserve it and create that attractive blood red colour, are cancer-causing additives. But if those things are removed from bacon, would it still be cancer-causing?

I’m a little confused. Continue Reading


Make Everyone Jealous of Your Salad

October 16, 2015

There is nothing quite so comforting and satisfying as a delicious sandwich. The moist chewy bread, the tangy mayo, the salty deli meat, the crunchy lettuce – it’s a dream in flavour and texture come true. A sandwich just looks right on the plate too, and it always leaves you feeling full and satiated. Continue Reading


Pragmatism: An Approach to Living

October 8, 2015

Usually when we use the word pragmatic we mean to say that something is practical, useful, or functional.

But there is another usage of the word that we are less familiar with, and that is in reference to the philosphy of pragmatism. This is a subject that I am – by no means – an expert on, but a subject I’m very excited about because, well…

…because it’s how I live my life. Continue Reading