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January 2016


One Place You’d Never Guess Introverts Flock To

Certain spaces tend to cause my introverted self to become more, shall we say, pronounced. If I were to describe some characteristics of these spaces that I found most unpleasant to spend time in, a few things come to mind: Spaces with bright lighting Spaces with…

January 27, 2016
Managing Emotions

Managing Emotions: Tips and Tricks

I must have missed the week at school when you learn about managing emotions and what it means to be emotionally intelligent – because I grew up being very confused about my emotions.…

January 20, 2016
Dream job

The Elusive Dream Job of My Generation

As an employee of an advertising agency, I consider myself fortunate to be able to work in a creative environment. Of course, my role isn’t all about creativity – like any job, mine has its fair share of repetitive tasks. But lucky for me,…

January 13, 2016
Text Message

10 Text Message Tips to Make the World More Human

If you are anything like me, you’re always a bit taken aback when the phone rings. Why not send a text message? I catch myself thinking. It’s so much quicker, more efficient, and – most of all – it lacks the awkwardness inherent to…

January 6, 2016