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April 2016


Thanks for Reading!

And just like that, it’s been one year to the day since I published my first Strong Silent Hype blog. Saying thanks to my readers doesn’t seem to fully express just how great a gift you’ve given me by showing your support. But in…

April 20, 2016
Calories in calories out

Calories In Calories Out: Why the Math Doesn’t Add

In your efforts to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, you’ve likely heard of the approach of “calories in calories out.” As per the approach, what you eat and drink in a day is your “calories in” and the amount of energy your body…

April 11, 2016
Morning Person

How I Became a Morning Person: A Love Story

I used to stay¬†up late into the romantic hours of the night, alone with my thoughts and the crickets, while the rest of the world was in z-land. When the morning would come around (as it inevitably does), I’d sleep as late as possible¬†in…

April 5, 2016