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20 Horror Movies That Are Actually Worth Watching

October 22, 2016
Horror Movies

We tend to associate feelings of nostalgia with Christmas and Easter, but every year when Halloween rolls around I get nostalgic as all hell. Halloween in my house growing up was a full-on commitment. We’d fully immerse ourselves in the costumes we’d create, the pumpkins we’d carve, and the decorations we put around the house. Oh, and the horror movies – there were always lots of horror movies. Continue Reading


Fasted Exercise: How Working Out Hungry Changed My Life

October 8, 2016
Fasted exercise

Of all the relationships we have throughout our lifetime, the one we have with food will always be front and centre. Like any relationship, it will go through phases; sometimes it will be a healthy relationship, other times it won’t. Regardless of what each of our relationships with food looks like, one thing remains constant for all of us:

We can’t break up with food. Continue Reading