All About Mike

-Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.- (2)

Writers, editors, bloggers, proofreaders – there are many of us, and our story is a universal one. We step into this wild world with a natural feel for grammar and score 100% on spelling tests. A few years later, we’re bored by every class in high school except English. We go to university to read stories and write essays about them, then lug our boxes of books from apartment to apartment until we find one with enough room to fit them in. On weekends, we sit in windows of coffee shops and chip away at masterpieces. We find corners in the professional world – in jobs most people don’t realize exist – where our skills are quietly appreciated.

So what makes this writer, me, different from the rest? That’s a relevant question.

I could tell you about my stormy imagination, emotional intelligence, intense adaptability. I could tell you about a strong work ethic that sets me apart, how I’m always seeking to improve myself (perhaps to a fault), that I have a lifetime of stories, personal and professional, which I bring to my work everyday. I could tell you about my personality – quiet and thoughtful, calm and reassuring to those around me, a leader when it’s needed (but not if it’s not, because sometimes it isn’t).

But that would be breaking one of good writing’s first rules – show, don’t tell – and I have a website of writing, a killer portfolio*, and a stunning résumé* that I wish to speak for themselves. Thanks for stopping by, genuinely! Writers might be quiet and modest, and prone to apophasis in their bios, but we love nothing more than when others, like yourself, read our stuff.

Cheers to you.


*Kindly contact me for a link to my professional portfolio and résumé.