Backyard Workout to Improve Balance, Lean Out, and Tone

July 14, 2016
Backyard Workout

As if you needed another reason to hang out in your backyard or the park, but in case you do I’ve created a backyard workout you can do with minimal equipment. All you need is a set of steps or a (sturdy) picnic table and a couple of hand weights, and you’re good to go!

As always, be careful doing any of my backyard workout movements, especially those that require jumping and balancing. The last thing you want for a beautiful summer like the one we’re in the middle of is to get a sprained ankle. As far as workouts go, my backyard workout is somewhere between intermediate and advanced, so if you’re a beginner attempt at your own risk.

These movements are all highly complex – so if there’s one you’re not sure about and or don’t feel safe doing, then you can easily edit it out. If you don’t have any hand weights, most of these exercises can be done without. You could also do the workout indoors at home if you have the space, or even at the gym.

The Backyard Workout for Improving Balance, Toning Muscle, and Losing Weight

Complete 5-15 reps of each exercise, and double that amount of reps for each exercise involving a single limb (e.g., do 5-15 reps of lunges on the left leg, then 5-15 on the right leg). Complete this entire circuit 3-5 times with as little rest as possible. And drink lots of water!

  1. Burpee with push-up to box jump squat
  2. Step-up to reverse lunge to Arnold press
  3. Step-up to single-leg dead lift
  4. Row to rear flye to hammer curl to step-up with lateral leg raise
  5. Decline push-up to mountain climber to plank hand to plank elbow

Feel free to send me a message if any of the moves or instructions in my backyard workout are confusing. Now get out there and get sweaty.

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