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8 Tips for Running – and Living – Your Best

Of all the scientific fitness methods, complex fad workouts, equipment-laden exercise regimes, running remains one of the best for the sheer beauty of its simplicity – it’s literally an exercise we’ve been programmed to do by nature and evolution.…

October 2, 2015

Fitspiration: 10 Ways the Gym Surprised Me

Maintaining fitness in your lifestyle is an ongoing effort. Finding new approaches, mindsets, and inspirations are integral to keeping up you inspired to put in the effort. Fitspiration is a wonderful little surprise you come across that help re-energize your motivation, rethink your approach, or…

August 20, 2015
Starting the Gym

Starting the Gym Is Like Dating Someone New

Would you show up to a first date in a wedding dress? Of course not. That would be silly (albeit, funny). But sometimes – when starting the gym – we approach it with a similarly premature enthusiasm. We drop everything, buy the best gym gear, and waste…

July 23, 2015

Leg Day!

Tomorrow morning is leg day at the gym! This is always a special day for me at the gym because of the focus, determination, and mindset required to “win” – especially when compared to chest or back day (which are much easier by comparison). Any compound…

April 23, 2015

My New Wheels: The Kona Paddy Wagon, 2015

I picked this beauty up Apr. 15th, and, well, I think I’m pretty much in love with it. Each new day I ride feels more comfortable and efficient than the day before. It almost feels too easy. Biking for me is more about the functional aspect…

April 20, 2015