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Dump Dairy, and 11 Other Skincare Tips

While unhealthy lifestyle habits can wreak havoc on our bodies, in many ways we aren’t as aware of what’s going on inside because we can’t really see it. Our skin, on the other hand, is something we do see everyday, and which is equally…

February 22, 2016
kale carb

Is Kale a Carb?

Technically, yes, kale is a carb; however, its carbohydrate content is indigestible (also known as fibre) – which means that our bodies don’t respond to kale’s fibrous carbs in the same way as starchy ones, like bread, potatoes, rice, and the rest of the usual…

February 10, 2016

Why I Think Nutrition Is a Grey Area

From all the reading I’ve done about nutrition facts, and all the different regimes I’ve tested out for myself, and all the people and experts I’ve spoken with, one thing has become crystal clear for me: Nutrition will always be a grey area. This…

December 18, 2015

To Eat Bacon, or Not to Eat Bacon?

The exquisitely salty, chewy, crunchy, flavour explosion that is bacon has made this week’s announcement by the WHO one that came as a disappointment to the salty meat lovers of the world. I wasn’t terribly surprised by the news. I’ve long heard that the…

October 27, 2015

Healthy Happiness: 7 Foods to Favour for a Happier Life

A common complaint about eating healthy food that I hear is this: “But I just don’t like eating healthy food….” Ok, fair enough – each of us has different preferences. But before we drop that discussion, answer a question for me: Would you say…

October 22, 2015
Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting: Does It Work?

For decades it’s been served to us: the idea that proper nutrition entails our consumption of three, balanced meals per day, spread out between breakfast, lunch, and dinner – with an early morning breakfast being the “most important meal of the day.” That same three-meals-a-day…

September 10, 2015

Hangover How-To

Before I get into this, let me be frank: There is no magic bullet cure for a hangover. You’re just going to have to ride it out. That being said, there’s lots you can do to prevent and alleviate the icky symptoms of a…

June 24, 2015
Meal Boredom

Meal Boredom: What Is It and How Do I Fix It?

When mealtime rolls around, are you ever just like, I have zero inspiration right now and no idea what to eat…?  This happens to me sometimes and it’s what I call “meal boredom.” Meal boredom is that feeling of creative exhaustion that washes over me where I’m…

May 30, 2015
Diet Books

Diet Books: Are They Worth the Read?

What to eat? This is a big, fat question, one that many of us feel consumed by – and oftentimes we turn to diet books to provide us with an answer. I’ve read a lot about food over the past few years. I’ve made my…

May 5, 2015