Nuggets of Wisdom and Encouragement: Reader Contributions

November 19, 2016

Thank you.

I mean that.

This week has been an interesting one thanks to you – those who read this stuff I throw out there. In response to a call for advice last week, you came through. I’m feeling like the stifling pressure (I was putting on myself) has been lessened, and I owe that to you, not only for responding, but also listening.

Just the other day, while cycling to work, some wonderfully creative ideas came floating up to the surface of my mind – from out of nowhere (that beautiful place where creativity lives). I found myself biking along – amid the noisy insanity of Toronto traffic – with a big goofy smile of contentment across my face.

I felt it was important to record all this wisdom and encouragement you shared. There were so many great little nuggets, and by posting them here I’ll be able to return to them anytime I feel that pressure creeping up on me again. From each of your comments I pulled out the essence (and may have edited just slightly, given they were conversational comments that might require context).

Thanks everyone who left me a note, as well as those who spoke with me directly. It really means a lot. I’m feeling the love this week.

Nuggets of Wisdom and Encouragement from Readers

On creativity:


On deciding what to do next:


On time:


On being ready to write a book:


On being true to yourself:


On writing a book:


On making things happen for yourself:


On being a person who thinks too much:


On creativity:



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  • Reply david November 19, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    “Being Silent is Being Strong”.
    When you body and mind are quiet, listen to what your inner truth is telling you to do without fear or judgment of what others may think.
    Do not ever try and write the “Perfect” work, weather it’s for your blog or in a book. You can use your experience writing on this web site as a blue print for getting the book started. Do not concern yourself with the any results or the “end result”. The gift should be in the writing itself.

    Good luck Mike and Stay Creative and don’t doubt yourself or your abilities.

    • Reply Mike November 19, 2016 at 1:53 pm

      Thanks, David – for the insight and wisdom. This is more gold to add to the pot of nuggets. 🙂

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