Caffeine and Calories

April 21, 2015

Here we have, from left to right, my pre-workout, post-workout, and post-post-workout nutrition, prepped and ready to go for my morning workout.


I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person – but I have acquired a taste for the morning hours. That initial push to get myself out of bed and face the world yet another day is still a mighty effort, which is why I find sorting out breakfast the night before to be a relatively simple way to make getting up in the morning easier. All I really need to do is roll myself out of bed, stumble towards the fridge, pop it open, and unscrew the cap on my pre-workout iced coffee and steal cut oat concoction.

Ingest, then let the caffeine and calories do the rest.

As an added bonus, making breakfast the night before helps me fall to sleep easier because there’s one less to-do item bouncing around in my head.



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