The Best Coffee You Can Brew at Home

June 6, 2015
Best Coffee

I may have created the best coffee you can brew at home.

One of my favourite moments throughout the week is my Saturday mornings. I generally wake up early because my body clock says so – and I’m okay with that because it’s such a calm, clear point of the day. It’s a time of day when ideas come to me.

I also love coffee, and I make the best coffee. And because I’ve created the best coffee you can brew at home, I’m able to make myself a brew and return to the perfection that is my bed – to write, read, or watch a show for an hour or so.

While I love coffee culture and sitting in cafés by myself or with a friend, I must say that – since switching to at-home coffee – I have saved myself a lot of money. Take-away coffee is one of those slow leaks that, over time a long period of time, can affect your bank account. I’ll still head to the café as a special treat from time-to-time, but it’s no longer a daily ritual.

Besides, my at-home coffee is arguably better.

How to Brew the Best Coffee in Your Own Home

  1. Get yourself one of these little gizmos. They are relatively cheap (don’t pay more than $15). I prefer the smaller ones because they make a denser, more rich espresso.
  2. Pick up a bean grinder – no need to go extravagant on this either, something cheap works just fine.
  3. Get yourself some espresso beans. I’m in love with Kicking Horse Cliffhanger Espresso. It smells like fresh ground heaven to me.
  4. For the best coffee, grind your beans daily, and grind only what you need. Ground espresso degrades in quality very quickly – even after 15 minutes, some of its aromatic perfection has already been lost.
  5. Stuff the little espresso cup very tightly, as tight as you can. Pack it down with a little spoon.
  6. I personally like lattes, and I make mine with cashew milk. I’m addicted to this product: Silk Unsweetened Creamy Cashew. Heat up your milk to a nicely hot temperature (not too hot, as it will separate).
  7. Brew your coffee on a burner by placing it at the edge of the burner – make sure the plastic handle is not over the element itself because it will melt, which I learned the hard way.
  8. Mix the espresso with the milk.
  9. Enjoy the best coffee in your own home.

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  • Reply Renaldo January 20, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    Good article Mike! Reading this with a cup of coffee in my hand……Coffee Culture Forever!!!!!

    • Reply Mike January 22, 2017 at 5:11 pm

      Coffee is the best!

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