Top 10 Coolest Introverted Characters

March 19, 2018
Introverted Characters

Let’s face facts: introverts are cool. We brood, we are mysterious, and when we speak up (which isn’t often) people tend to listen. So it makes sense that some of the most interesting, compelling, and memorable characters in narrative history are introverted.

Top 10 List of the Coolest Introverted Characters

Coolest Introverted Characters #10. Jason Bourne


There is a dork element to Matt Damon, but Jason Bourne is cool through and through. He’s a loner studmuffin – and you just know you want to accidentally get woven into his web of conspiracy so that, at the end of the movie, you can go to India together and live on a beach.

Coolest Introverted Characters #9. Alison Reynolds

alison reynolds

Alison is filled with the coolest form of existential teen angst. She’s a weirdo and she knows it, and while she pretends that she doesn’t care what others think, in fact she is hypersensitive to the people around her. Alison is very picky about who she opens up to – but when she finally does open up you should be super flattered because that means she trusts you.

Coolest Introverted Characters #8. Donnie Darko

donnie darko

Everyone thinks there’s something wrong with Donnie because he’s different – you know, that old chestnut. But really, so what if he has zero time for small talk, chit-chat, and skirting around the issue. And maybe he gets stuck in his head sometimes, and sees things that other people might not as a result.

But I say, you do you and the cool will come out, and if that means having conversations with freaky bunnies, then I say go for it. *Snaps fingers*

Coolest Introverted Characters #7. Frankenstein’s Monster


Frankenstein’s monster is cool because his face is a complete disaster, but underneath it all he’s intelligent, thoughtful, and eloquent. While he might seem antisocial because he gets easily overwhelmed among large crowds of people and is prone to ghosting, in actual fact he would thrive in a tight-knit group of close friends, like the family whose barn he crashed in.

Sadly, though, they rejected him because of his monstrous appearance (poor guy!), and he was totally burned by it – and one thing introverts don’t do well is forgive and forget.

Coolest Introverted Characters #6. Renee Madison / Alice Wakefield

patricia arquette

Patricia Arquette’s character(s?) in The Lost Highway is the epitome of cool and sexy, with heavy, brooding emotions always bubbling just under the surface. She might drive you crazy because you don’t know what’s going on inside her head (Just tell me damnit?!), but at the same time she is just so damn sexy you let her get away with it.

In the first few scenes, when her bf is about to leave to go to a nightclub where he plays sweaty, screechy jazz music, she’s all like, “I’m not coming to the club tonight. Is that OK?”

Girl, of course it is.

Coolest Introverted Characters #5. Wolverine


Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine – they’re all big nerdy introverts on the inside, and my list wouldn’t be complete without including at least one of them. I opted for Wolverine because he’s Canadian and – I’d say – the coolest stud of the bunch.

Wolverine has hypersensitive sensory perception, too, so things like smells and sounds are smellier and louder for him. This must be hard, I imagine, so it makes sense that he sometimes needs a reprieve from it all, ergo he heads off into the mountains to be alone.

Classic introvert move.

Coolest Introverted Characters #4. Veronica Sawyer

veronica sawyer

Veronica tried to become one of the cool, popular, extroverted Heathers because she thought it would be really very and something that a person should want to do. But what she truly wanted was to stay at home, eat spaghetti with lots of oregano, and write in her diary while wearing her monocle.

What could be more cool than that?

Coolest Introverted Characters #3. Lisbeth Salander


Lisbeth is intensely introverted, and also one of the coolest, badass characters ever to be brought to life. She needs a lot of time alone to recharge her batteries, and don’t even try to engage her in small talk – because she’ll tase you.

Coolest Introverted Characters #2. Driver


Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive is so frighteningly cool it hurts – he had me at opening credits. Yes, it’s true that he has a few issues with anger, but let’s not get bogged down with superfluous details. Call me.

Coolest Introverted Characters #1. Ripley


In the original film, Ripley was more of a background character who stepped up into a leadership role when everyone started losing their shit and a hero was needed – that’s so an introverted thing to do. Ripley is calm, cool, and collected; driven, intently focused, and trustworthy; and she ain’t got time for lies and half-truths.

You just know that Ripley would be a good listener.

Who are your favourite introverted characters?

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  • Reply Roger Bull April 12, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    Super list, Mike. I love all of these characters (and lust after three of them).

    Here are a few of my fave cool introverts: Johnny Castle (Dirty Dancing), Chris Chambers (Stand By Me), James Hurley (Twin Peaks, mopey mess but great pout and sweet motorcycle), Jughead Jones (Riverdale).

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